What is TapToLearn?

When we began our first experiments with using Mobile devices a few years ago we were very excited by the possibility of learning in nontraditional manner. The beauty of effectiveness of the iPhone first and the iPad platforms gave shape to our vision of building beautiful apps, designed to build learning for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Devices. Each of our apps are extremely easy to use, focus on just one area of learning using interactivity and add an element to fun while learning.

How do TapToLearn Products work?

Our experience with learning applications is based on "time effectiveness". We believe Key Concepts can be learnt quickly and need to be tested so that the understanding can be perfected right at learning time. Why wait for exams? This is the basis for our taptolearn app experience. Every time you learn something you will typically be tapping the screen (and creating some reinforcement of the text just read). Solving an example problem in the next 30 seconds makes it learning forever. Solve a combined test to ensure that variations of what you just learnt are also understood. There, you just 'tapped to learn.'